Marcus Hiles – Wine for Stress Relief

Marcus Hiles Wine is a Texas business person who has a great appreciation for fine wine. He is the founder of Western Rim Property Services, a real estate development company that has been around for almost 30 years. This highly driven individual has accomplished a great deal within his chosen field of endeavor. He carefully selects certain areas that lie outside of urban centers in the state of Texas. After a given site has been secured, he creates an apartment or townhome community that that feels like an upper middle class neighborhood that would usually be associated with single family homes. The units themselves are carefully designed and appointed with high-end accents. Energy efficiency is important to him, and he is also very meticulous about the outdoor spaces. He plants trees, he builds parks, and his communities have fitness facilities, pools, jogging trails, and some of them have access to golf courses. He has built more than 10,000 units to this point, and there are thousands more on the way in the future.

Marcus Hiles Wine

A high level executive like Marcus Hiles will invariably be under a great deal of stress at times, and wine can be a great antidote. Regardless of how you may feel at any given moment, when you sit back and sip on a nice glass of wine, you may inevitably we feel the cares of the day start to slip away. Marcus Hiles is well known as one of the premier wine collectors in the state of Texas, so he certainly has the ability to experience the calming effects of the grape.


Marcus Hiles – Wine Provides Health Benefits

Marcus Hiles is a wine aficionado who has spearheaded many different real estate development projects throughout over the last quarter of a century. He specializes in high-end, luxury living units, and his apartment and townhome communities are well respected throughout the state of Texas. His company, Western Rim Property Services, is responsible for the construction of over 10,400 separate rental homes, but they are not finished yet. This ambitious developer has always had one eye firmly fixed over the horizon, and plans are in the works for the construction of an additional 5200 units.

Marcus Hiles Wine

Since he has been able to achieve many of his financial goals, Marcus Hiles has the resources that he needs to build on his formidable wine collection. Though wine can be an epicurean delight that is a social icebreaker, there are also a number of health benefits that are attributable to wine consumption. Studies have indicated that wine can lower risks of heart disease, and though the subject is somewhat controversial, wine consumption can potentially provide other benefits. One thing is for certain if you believe in anecdotal evidence: The consumption of wine can relax you after a stressful day at work, and it can also reduce inhibitions and contribute to friendly, anxiety-free social interactions.

In addition to the above, wine can be a healthier alternative to hard spirits or beer, and this is another advantage. Many people who are dieting find that they can consume wine in moderation and still lose weight. As a wine enthusiast, Marcus Hiles is well aware of all of these benefits, and you may want to consider them as well if you have never explored the wine culture.


Marcus Hiles – Wine Connoisseur, Real Estate Developer, and Philanthropist

Marcus Hiles is at once a wine connoisseur, real estate developer, and philanthropist working hard to help his community in the Dallas area as much as he can. Hiles has developed many luxury properties throughout the state of Texas and has continued to find and develop many other properties as his company grows. Hiles set up his company to help talented workers find opportunities in the industry to succeed and prosper. Western Rim Properties, Hiles’ company, always promotes from within and trains its employees extensively to nurture loyalty and further development for workers with Western Rim.

Marcus Hiles Wine
Marcus Hiles Wine

Marcus Hiles goes beyond tasting fine wine and nurturing loyalty at his real estate firm. He is also well-known for his generosity in the community, giving to many charitable causes throughout the Dallas area and beyond. Hiles earned his education at Rice and Pepperdine Universities and he remains committed to continuing education efforts in his own life and in the lives of others in his community. Over the course of his career in real estate, he has donated over $2.5 million to public and private K-12 initiatives, after-school programs, and job placement education programs. A preacher’s son from Massachusetts, Hiles also thought it important to fund the construction of two churches, one back home in the East and one in his adoptive state of Texas.

Marcus Hiles has a taste for fine wine and a talent for designing and developing luxury homes, but he hasn’t forgotten about the people that need his help in his community.