Marcus Hiles – Wine Auction Turned Heads in 2010

Marcus Hiles collects wine as a hobby, and he certainly needs a release from the rigors of his career position. This individual is a very busy and successful real estate developer who resides in Grand Prairie, Texas, a city that is right in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. He founded his own real estate development company, Western Rim Property Service, back in 1988, and he has enjoyed extraordinary success over the last 28 years and counting. His company develops high-end apartment and condominium communities throughout the state of Texas, and they anticipate continued growth into the foreseeable future.

Marcus Hiles Wine

A handful of years ago, Marcus Hiles decided to put some of his wine collection up for sale at an auction. If you want to sell something that is very valuable, who are you going to contact? The name Sotheby’s would probably enter your mind when you are thinking about high-end auction houses, and this is the company that he used. He put over 6500 bottles of wine up for auction in Hong Kong in 2010, and before the auction took place, the estimated value for the lot was somewhere between $3 million and $4.7 million. That sounds like a lot of valuable vino, and it was, but the lot was comprised of about 20 percent of his collection at that time; he retained ownership of the other 80 percent.

Marcus Hiles Wine has continued to collect wine, and it can potentially be a hobby that pays for itself if you are a good the negotiator with a great deal of fine wine knowledge.



Marcus Hiles – Unwind With Wine

Marcus Hiles has a very intense interest in wine, and he has the financial ability to indulge his tastes. Though he came from humble beginnings, he took all the right steps along the way, and this is one of the secrets of success. He knew he would need a good education if he was going to achieve his goals, so he rolled up his sleeves and went to work in the classroom as a young person. This highly motivated individual attended Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and he got a Masters degree there. He also holds a degree from Rice University, which is a private research university that is located in Houston, Texas. After we obtained the necessary educational underpinning, he founded a real estate development company when he was just 28 years of age. Through his hard work and visionary planning, his company, Western Rim Property Services, has become very successful.


When you are in a demanding executive position like Marcus Hiles Wine can help you relax after a long day at work. This can improve your state of mind and help you leave the stresses of the workplace behind you until the next day. Plus, it can be fun to look forward to your leisure time after work as you think about the bottle of wine that will be the perfect accent to your planned meal. Marcus Hiles has an extensive wine collection in his cellar, so he certainly has a great deal to choose from when it is time to pop the cork and settle in for the evening.


Marcus Hiles – Three Tips for a Budding Wine Collector

Marcus Hiles Wine has been a wine collector for many years. After his property development business, Western Rim Properties, took off in the Dallas area decades ago, he has started his own wine collection and continues to add to his impressive stores in his wine cellar whenever he can. Hiles has learned many tricks of the trade of being a wine collector over the years, including these three useful tips:

Marcus Hiles Wine

  • Decide on a budget from the get-go. According to Marcus Hiles and other wine collectors, you can build a perfectly fine wine collection on a low budget. The key is to decide on a budget that will still allow you to find the perfect wines when you want them without overextending yourself.
  • Stick to what you like. Over time and over the course of many wine tastings, you’ll find yourself particularly enamored with certain types of wine. The best way to find enjoyment in collecting wines for decades is to collect the kinds of wine you most enjoy. You’ll devote yourself to finding the best wines around the world if you love the wine you’re buying, collecting, and drinking.
  • Decide if you want professional refrigeration. Many wine collectors do so for the investment. They want to preserve their bottles for resale value. Others are less serious and only collect wines for their own enjoyment. Professional refrigeration is usually only for those in the former category who need to protect their investments and it’s worth the cost.

Marcus Hiles has learned many things about wine and wine collecting over the years and has worked hard to build his extensive collection.


Marcus Hiles Wine – Three Tips for a Layperson

Marcus Hiles built a successful real estate development company in the Dallas area over many years that allowed him to pursue other passions in life, such as fine wine. Today, Hiles has an extensive wine collection and has helped design and develop many luxury homes throughout the state of Texas. His success in this industry came after he had developed excellent everyday financial habits that can be very useful for anyone with a bank account or a small family budget:

Marcus Hiles Wine

  • Create and update a budget. Not only should the average household sit down and write out their expenses and incomes regularly, but you should also make sure that you are updating your budget with new information as much as possible. If you spent more than you thought, make sure you shift your budget accordingly so that you can still reach your goals.
  • Create concrete financial goals. Whether you want to afford a house or a car or simply want more security for the future, create solid and achievable financial goals. This will help guide your financial decisions and focus your saving efforts.
  • Don’t always cut costs. As a company leader, Marcus Hiles has often had to cut costs, such as wine, but this is not the only way to reach your financial goals. Sometimes the best answer is to find a way to make more money rather than tighten the belt further. Put effort into increasing revenue instead of always cutting costs.

Marcus Hiles Wine has found ways to fund both his company expansion and his wine collection with smart accounting and budgeting over the years.

Marcus Hiles, Wine Collector – Personality Traits of Successful Investors

In addition to being a wine collector, Marcus Hiles Wine is also the Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, which is a real estate development and investment company that is based in Texas. In order to ensure the success of the company, Hiles must be capable of making sound investments that offer the highest possibility of strong returns. This is the goal of all successful investors, who tend to exhibit the following personality traits.

Marcus Hiles Wine

Logical Thinking

Investing based on emotion is not always the best choice, as it can cloud your judgment and prevent you from seeing issues that may affect the investment in the long run. You should always approach your investments logically, which will allow you to see them from a neutral perspective that offers you the chance to identify issues.

Working Well With Others

During your career as an investor you will likely work closely with fellow professionals in a variety of industries. As such, it is important that investors are agreeable people who are capable of forming relationships quickly. This will benefit them in terms of learning more about their industries, while also allowing them to form connections with people who can provide opportunities.


Wine connoisseur Marcus Hiles recognizes that every investment carries a certain amount of risk, regardless of how much work you have put into your research. As such, those who find success tend to be courageous people who are willing to take the first step and face that risk in the hope of gaining rewards.


Marcus Hiles, Wine Collector – Steps For Successful Investing

Marcus Hiles is a wine collector, real estate developer and investor who has enjoyed tremendous success in his work as the Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, in part, because he is capable of spotting good investment opportunities. The following steps are crucial if you want to make the most out of your money and stand the highest chance of receiving a strong return.

Marcus Hiles Wine

Always Do Your Research

You should not rush into any investments, as doing so exposes you to a higher level of risk as it could result in you missing out on important pieces of information that may have influenced your decisions. You need to understand everything about the investment before you commit yourself to it, so no unexpected barriers arise that could affect the development of the investment.

Have Expertise

Many investors make the mistake of putting their money into sectors where they have no prior expertise, which means that they are less capable of spotting legitimate opportunities. Understand what you know and educate yourself in the areas where your knowledge is lacking before you invest any of your money into a project.

Understand Your Budget

Wine collector Marcus Hiles was able to build Western Rim Property Services into such a successful real estate developer because he understands how to manage his money and use it to its greatest effect. New investors need to keep track of their budgets and be wary of any opportunities that require them to spend more than they have, as doing so could place them in difficulties if the investments don’t pay off.


Marcus Hiles, Wine Collector – Advantages of Technology in Education

Marcus Hiles, who is a wine collector, entrepreneur and real estate developer, places great importance on the value of good education. He has donated millions of dollars to educational initiatives, including a significant portion of the proceeds from a wine auction that was used in the construction of computer labs in schools. Technology is becoming increasingly important in the classroom because it offers the following advantages.

Marcus Hiles Wine

Easier Access To Information

While there is still plenty to learn from books, school libraries often have limited funding and will rarely be able to stock enough books to ensure the entire student body has access to the information it needs. Technology, especially the internet, provides students with far easier access to a wider range of information, helping them to learn more in the process.

It Is Relatable

It is important that schools take note of the fact that each new generation of students will be accustomed to using the technology of the day in their lives. As such, making use of tablet computers and other forms of technology can make lessons more relatable to students, encouraging them to focus on their studies and understand how the technologies they use in their daily lives can help them to improve.

Preparing For The Future

Marcus Hiles Wine, who collects vintage wines, understands the important role that new technology plays in modern business. Introducing students to current and emerging technologies while they are in school results in them being well-prepared for the world of work and better able to adapt to new technologies as they arise.