Marcus Hiles – Wine Auction Turned Heads in 2010

Marcus Hiles collects wine as a hobby, and he certainly needs a release from the rigors of his career position. This individual is a very busy and successful real estate developer who resides in Grand Prairie, Texas, a city that is right in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. He founded his own real estate development company, Western Rim Property Service, back in 1988, and he has enjoyed extraordinary success over the last 28 years and counting. His company develops high-end apartment and condominium communities throughout the state of Texas, and they anticipate continued growth into the foreseeable future.

Marcus Hiles Wine

A handful of years ago, Marcus Hiles decided to put some of his wine collection up for sale at an auction. If you want to sell something that is very valuable, who are you going to contact? The name Sotheby’s would probably enter your mind when you are thinking about high-end auction houses, and this is the company that he used. He put over 6500 bottles of wine up for auction in Hong Kong in 2010, and before the auction took place, the estimated value for the lot was somewhere between $3 million and $4.7 million. That sounds like a lot of valuable vino, and it was, but the lot was comprised of about 20 percent of his collection at that time; he retained ownership of the other 80 percent.

Marcus Hiles Wine has continued to collect wine, and it can potentially be a hobby that pays for itself if you are a good the negotiator with a great deal of fine wine knowledge.