Marcus Hiles – Three Tips for a Budding Wine Collector

Marcus Hiles Wine has been a wine collector for many years. After his property development business, Western Rim Properties, took off in the Dallas area decades ago, he has started his own wine collection and continues to add to his impressive stores in his wine cellar whenever he can. Hiles has learned many tricks of the trade of being a wine collector over the years, including these three useful tips:

Marcus Hiles Wine

  • Decide on a budget from the get-go. According to Marcus Hiles and other wine collectors, you can build a perfectly fine wine collection on a low budget. The key is to decide on a budget that will still allow you to find the perfect wines when you want them without overextending yourself.
  • Stick to what you like. Over time and over the course of many wine tastings, you’ll find yourself particularly enamored with certain types of wine. The best way to find enjoyment in collecting wines for decades is to collect the kinds of wine you most enjoy. You’ll devote yourself to finding the best wines around the world if you love the wine you’re buying, collecting, and drinking.
  • Decide if you want professional refrigeration. Many wine collectors do so for the investment. They want to preserve their bottles for resale value. Others are less serious and only collect wines for their own enjoyment. Professional refrigeration is usually only for those in the former category who need to protect their investments and it’s worth the cost.

Marcus Hiles has learned many things about wine and wine collecting over the years and has worked hard to build his extensive collection.