Marcus Hiles, Wine Collector – Advantages of Technology in Education

Marcus Hiles, who is a wine collector, entrepreneur and real estate developer, places great importance on the value of good education. He has donated millions of dollars to educational initiatives, including a significant portion of the proceeds from a wine auction that was used in the construction of computer labs in schools. Technology is becoming increasingly important in the classroom because it offers the following advantages.

Marcus Hiles Wine

Easier Access To Information

While there is still plenty to learn from books, school libraries often have limited funding and will rarely be able to stock enough books to ensure the entire student body has access to the information it needs. Technology, especially the internet, provides students with far easier access to a wider range of information, helping them to learn more in the process.

It Is Relatable

It is important that schools take note of the fact that each new generation of students will be accustomed to using the technology of the day in their lives. As such, making use of tablet computers and other forms of technology can make lessons more relatable to students, encouraging them to focus on their studies and understand how the technologies they use in their daily lives can help them to improve.

Preparing For The Future

Marcus Hiles Wine, who collects vintage wines, understands the important role that new technology plays in modern business. Introducing students to current and emerging technologies while they are in school results in them being well-prepared for the world of work and better able to adapt to new technologies as they arise.